Direct FTP upload

We can upload directly from BaferCMS to no matter where your server is :

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CSS files editing

Just like in browser developer tools, CSS files can be edited in WYSIWYG manner :

Text Boxes for editing CSS of the selected element

... but with BaferCMS changes can easly remain permanent.

HTML syntax autocorrection

Some HTML elements require closing tag, some are optional,
some element attributes needs quotes, some don't need them
.... your HTML code will be autocorrected :

Highlighted HTML that BaferCMS autocorrected

HTML & CSS diff checker

This CMS will not leave you with a messy code

Highlighted lines of HTML code that are different

3rd party photo editors

We have integrated several 3rd party online photo editors to modify images on your website.
You can choose the one that suits you the most:

Screenshot of third party photo editor
BaferCMS Flexibility. Efficiency. Simplicity.
DYNAMIC DEVELOPMENT Tool for online editing your online pages

     If you have:
  • already published an HTML website
  • a need for fast changes in content
  • limited time or money to edit the pages
then choose BaferCMS.
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Our service is completely free and anonymous until further notice.
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