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  • buildfaster.co
  • isopat.be
  • www.grahamscomputers.net
  • example.com
  • laurito.org
  • charlimarie.com
  • abia.io
  • www.eneskirimi.com
  • placity.de
  • www.thesmallproject.org.uk
  • sillydomain.com

About BaferCMS

What is BaferCMS ?

  • It is online website editor adjustable to any HTML website.

Who is ti for ?

  • For a web developers searching for qickest way to
    modify website for their customers.
  • For a website owners who needs quick changes,
    and they don't want bother developers for that.
  • Everyone who loves to test something.
Site Design
HTML & CSS Diff Checker

HTML & CSS Diff Checker

This CMS will not leave you with a messy code.

CSS Editor

CSS Files Editing

Just like in browser developer tools, edit CSS in WYSIWYG manner.

Direct Upload

FTP Upload

Upload changes from a web browser.

3rd party photo editors

CDN resorce files manager

We have built in a CDN resource files manager that allows you to replace and test new CDN files

HTML & CSS Diff Checker

Keep control on your HTML and CSS code while using WYSIWYG editor.
BaferCMS will not leave you with a messy code.

Diff Checker Screen
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CSS Files Editing

Just like in browser developer tools, CSS files can be edited in WYSIWYG manner.

CSS Editor Screen
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FTP Upload

Upload changes from your web browser.
No matter where you server is located, you can upload changes directly from BaferCMS.

Direct FTP Upload Screen
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Grab new resorce files

Explore and grab new resorce files for your web

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BaferCMS is Free !

Our perfect customer:

  • already has an published HTML site
  • needs a quick change of content
  • likes ability to modify any part of the site
Old site design

CDN library manager - video explainer


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