Terms of use

Your use of this website or of any content presented in any and all areas of the website indicates your acknowledgment and agreement to these terms of use.

BaferCMS insure World Wide Web service. BaferCMS has rights to disable or cancel users access to any utility or service in case of estimation that this service has not been used in proper way.

BaferCMS has commitment to ensure use of leased services in best way it possible can. That includes: monitoring servers work and other tehnical equipment, expanding kapacity regarding the number of users, users support, elimination of eventual errors and problems in system work.

BaferCMS is keeping rights to refuse service and/or access to service to anyone, on base of our evaluations.

User is using services and utility on his own responsibility. BaferCMS is not giving any guarantees and he is not responsible for eventual damage which user can experience using this services/utilities.

Every excessively resources using, servers or other users damaging is strictly forbidden and leading to canceling user account without any previous announcement.

Users can cancel services in any moment. Refunds that has been charged BaferCMS has no obligation to return.

Pages of further content we don't want to support:

Unlegal materials - commercial audio, video, or musical files, and every other material which is contrary with legal regulations.
Materials for adults - include every pornography, erotic pictures, other inappropriate content. Definition what is materials for adults is left for our free evaluation.
Warez - Pirate software, phreaking, hacking, passwords breaking. That include sites which has links on mentioned materials and/or instructions to use such.

Pages with further characteristics we can not support:

Dinamic pages - pages which content has been generating by fetching data from database, in other words, with server-side scripting language (php, asp, aspx, pl, ...)
Pages built-up from frames - includes any pages loaded within some other pages.
Pages made in "flash" - content of page parts or whole page which has been made as .swf file it's not possible to change with this tool.

With ordering and purchasing user is giving statement that he read, understood and accept these terms of use.

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